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Growing Pains (2017) | Short Film


The film “Growing Pains” is the story of a child, Haeun, who wants to be tall but also has fear of growing up. Haeun is in sixth grade and she wants to be as tall as all of her friends who are over 150cm. One day she discovers that becoming tall can cause severe pain in her knee. Now growing up is a fear to her and it leads to a nightmare.  


We have many desires throughout our lives. However, they are usually difficult to obtain. Sometimes they are accompanied by pain or a lot of effort which can terrify us. Through this process, we become mature. I wanted to talk about this process of growing up through the nightmare which shows Haeun’s inner confusion.

Created in the Short Film Workshop Course

Department of Film Studies, Chungang University

Hongju Lim © 2017

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