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Story Board of “Chicken Delivery”

It is the storyboard of an animation proposal that I worked on in my “Alpha production” class.


In 2018, Koreans were obsessed with the Winter Olympics and the Football World Cup. They usually order chicken when gathered to cheer for Korean athletes. However, people around me could not enjoy the events because they worked as part-time deliverers for a Chicken Restaurant. This gave me an idea for an animation proposal and so I wrote a story about a chicken delivery competition to talk about people working in service jobs.


To show competition between personal and franchise business I focused on details of their clothes, motorcycles, and colors. I tried to portray the main character as a warm-hearted man who seems like a good neighbor.  He wears a big comfortable shirt and pants from his military days, and a chicken helmet to show the efforts of personal business and to provide entertainment. He also has a motorcycle which looks like a chicken and seems very old.












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