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 Into the Battlefield | Game

This is an individual project from my “Game Studio” class.

I knew nothing about gaming or Unreal Engine 4 at the beginning. I tried my best to master this software.   


While making the proposal, I wanted the outcome to be a story and not just a game. Two films, “Hacksaw Ridge” and “The Front Line” were stories about battles that occurred on ridges. I wanted to put similar scenes from these films into the game. 


The player, who is a medic, goes back to the ridge alone to rescue the remaining wounded.


These are the rules in this game

- If tagged by the player, the wounded soldier stands up.

- Healed members follow the player.

- Healed members shoot with the player when they spot an enemy.

- If zombies touch the player, the player dies and the game ends. 

- The player can throw a grenade by pressing the “T” key.

- An enemy comes out from each of the three target points every 8 seconds.

- Enemies approach the player even they are far away.

- Enemies get killed when shot by a member of the counter team. 












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