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Ensemble (2021)

3d animated short film

Project Statement

The competitiveness of society often isolates young adults from their surroundings and can easily cause them to forget that the value of life comes from real interactions with others. Ensemble is a 3D animated short film that tells the story of the struggles of a young producer who tries to compose music. However, he learns that the answer to making powerful music is found not in his isolation, but in his interactions with neighbors. 


This story reflects my own experience as an international student. I used to block myself off from my surroundings because I thought they would distract me from success in my career. However, moving to a different country has made me come out of my comfort zone, and I have learned to look around at the people, places, and cultures that surround me. 


Ensemble shows that the more you disconnect yourself from reality, the more likely you will be to miss out on valuable interactions. I concentrated on character animation, with humor, in order to share my personal epiphany in an entertaining way. 

Unreal Engine 4 real-time rendering was used in this production. Ensemble is my first of what I anticipate will be many future productions using game engines for real-time rendering.



Software Used

[Unreal Engine 4]  [Cinema 3d]  [3D Coat]  [Maya]  

Character Rigged with [Advanced Skeleton]


Process Pipeline

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